Hi everyone, my name is

Jhon Jairo


I'm a Software


A Quick Background

I'm based in

Fusagasuga Colombia

I worked at

TEAM INternational (2 years and counting)

bizagi (3y - 6M)

Terecomiendo.com (1Y - 10M)

cargomaster (2y - 5m)

slyg (2 years - 5m)

bankvision (2y)

My roles were

tech lead,

fullstack software developer


Fun Facts

I used to be a freelancer.

I love working from home, I know how to manage my time and respect other people's time.

Im making a comparator as a side project.

I enjoy developing/collaborating on independent projects.

I collect music vinyls

I have a wide variety of music on Vinyl, practically all my money is there.


I Love

Man Playing Video Game with Game Controller
Frying Pan in Kitchen in Restaurant
Colorful Vinyl Records and Album Covers

These are just some of the things that make me feel alive!

Looking forward to working with everyone!

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My Socials

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