Jhon Jairo Cruz

Who the hell am i?

Hi, I am a software developer, sith apprentice, and just a man (for now) with experience in Microsoft tools, with expertise in job listing, financial business, air cargo, education and logistics. With capacity to adopt new technologies easily and apply them, I call myself 'Cacharrero' (Always wishing to learn something new, anxious to know how the world works), I am passionate about finding new ways of doing things, to make life easier for the people.

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  • DotNet Developer (C# Asp.Net, MVC, Azure...)
  • Javascript (jQuery Bootstrap JSON AJAX Node Angular...)
  • Git TFS Github and other software of source control
  • Databases Design (SQL Server Oracle MySQL DB2 Mongo)
  • Develop systems for anything you want
  • SCRUM Methodology


  • Obsessed with details
  • Able to lead groups
  • Love photography and music
  • Like learning another tech
  • If is necessary i gonna break the rules
  • "Sometimes you have to despair a bit to get somewhere"





  • Perfeccionist
  • Not graduated yet


  • Sometimes I'm temperamental and timeless
  • I get distracted easily

Sadly, in all my works they are internal developments, so I can not show you all the things I've done. But I'm working on a portfolio in github to see what I can do